Bitsellex Crypto Card

Bitsellex Crypto Card

Discover a crypto card with NO limits

Bitsellex Crypto Card is available to all our members who wish to withdraw or spend their earnings instantly. The Bitsellex Crypto Card is attached to your account and you can use the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted.

Bitsellex Crypto Card is issued by Heritage Bank LTD in Belize and comes with no withdrawals or deposit limits .


1. To order the Bitsellex Crypto Card you must have a valid address in your account. This is the address where you will receive your card via mail.
2. You must have a mining plan active (not available for Basic and Silver plans) to be able to order the card.
3. Users must submit Identity documents (ID and proof of address) to access unlimited withdrawals.
4. You can order only 1 card per account.

Card Limits Verified Users:

Lifetime funding - Unlimited
POS limit - Unlimited
ATM limit - Unlimited


Card cost and shipping - 50 USD
Card Monthly Fee - 10 USD
ATM Withdrawals - 1.99 USD
Currency exchange fee: 1%

How do I top up the Bitsellex Crypto Card?

Once you activate the Crypto Card, you will be able to select from which wallet you want to fund your card.

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